Strengthen your team with IT staff augmentation

Ask your rational part a question: do you want to employ extra talents in a short period of time with no hiring and administration costs? If yes, then add motivated developers to your project with IT staff augmentation services. doCode staff are motivated developers and other IT specialists with 5+ years of experience.

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    years of experience
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    working days are needed to expand your team
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    projects support from US and UK

Pros of staff augmentation services

How can staff augmentation services benefit your project and company?

  • It’s economical in terms of money

    Recruitment: the average cost per hire is between $3000 and $5000. This includes salaries for the hiring managers, vacancy publishing, welcome packs, etc. Isn’t the staff augmentation service a much wiser choice to make? Only pay monthly for developers’ work and allocate saved resources for the business. Providing office equipment and rent is like throwing money down the drain. If you want to hire some experts for a short period of time, it’s more economical to hire proven, remote employees.

  • Lower risk of wasting resources

    Sure, we can’t give you a 100% guarantee that with an IT staff augmentation company you can find a flawless match for certain tasks. However, it’s fair to say that the chances are much higher. With modern technologies, there’s no need to put geographical limits on the candidate search, which opens the opportunity to hire the best temporary employee. With that said, there is a lower risk of wasting resources on underqualified workers.

  • The project phases at an accelerated speed

    Many companies choose IT staff augmentation services to finish projects at high speed. Your in-house staff may not have the necessary skills to accomplish some parts of the work, whereas experts outside the company can be already qualified in the needed fields. Don’t spend time on training, hire an augmented team instead.

  • Transparent quality control over a team

    Unlike other IT outsourcing models, with IT staff augmentation you handle the project management responsibilities of the remote staff. That way, you have a direct day-to-day contact with developers and a clear understanding of their progress, which ensures complete transparency and trust during our cooperation.


  • Skip the trouble of recruitment

    The screening process and interviewing becomes our responsibility, and we give the approved CVs to you on a silver platter. However, the principle of full control applies to recruitment as well – evaluate the candidates and pick the best ones with us. 

How much does it cost to hire our developers?

IT outstaff augmentation working models

Full-time Part-time On-demand
Includes: Business Analysts, Product manager, UX/UI designers, Front-end engineers, Back-end engineers, DevOps engineers, Architects, QA engineers. Front-end engineers, Back-end engineers, QA engineers. UX/UI designers, Front-end engineers, Back-end engineers, DevOps engineers, Architects, QA engineers, (Provided that we previously worked on the project).
Man-Hours: 160 hours per month Up to 20 hours per week Depends on needs, from 2 hours
Communication: Slack, Trello, Jira Slack, Trello, Jira Slack, Trello, Jira
Billing: Monthly billing Monthly billing Billing after receiving
Hiring Period: From 3 mounts From one month From one week

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Our IT staff augmentation process

The hiring process at doCode is aimed at finding certified and experienced IT specialists of senior level. We don’t compromise on time and quality during recruitment.

  • 1

    Requirements overview

    In the first couple of meetings, we will gather your needs and requirements towards employees. Together, we will discuss as many details as possible and move on to the next stage.

  • 2

    Sending CVs

    After the requirements gathering, we begin the candidates search and send you CVs. Selected candidates will sign an NDA before the interviewing to ensure that the unique idea is protected.

  • 3

    Organizing interviews

    During the interview stage, we evaluate the technical knowledge and soft skills of a candidate.

  • 4

     Cooperation start

    The augmented team can start working on the project within two weeks. It takes little time to get into work, get acquainted with the details of the project and culture of the company.

  • 5


    doCode constantly stays in touch with clients after the project begins. We will be happy to process any requests from your side and improve cooperation.

IT staff augmentation

  • Business analysts

    Empower your team with a professional business analyst and conquer the market with your idea.

  • Product manager

    Research and satisfy the needs of users with a product manager and outline how you see the product success.

  • UX/UI designers

    There are thousands of talented UX/UI designers in the world, so don't narrow your search.

    Engage with professional designers and start working on your product’s appearance.

  • Front-end engineers

    Hire a front-end engineer to build an interface for any program or application.

  • Back-end engineers

    Create a flawless experience for users with a remote back-end engineer.

  • DevOps engineers

    Are you willing to indicate and resolve issues efficiently?

    Get a DevOps engineer on board and improve the user experience.

  • Architects

    Test computer networks before implementation and reduce the risks of failure with an experienced architect in your augmented team.

  • QA engineers

    QA engineers will test automation and report the result to stakeholders.


Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez

CEO & Founder, Muniy Limited

“I have personally been in the tech space for over 25 years and the .doCode team was very solid technically and had great leadership. The team showed a lot of integrity and was very excited to help us accomplish our goals. As a result we were able to deploy a working mobile application into production taking millions of funds and thousands of transactions.“

Andres Normelli

Andres Normelli

Founder, Binger

“.doCode Studio successfully delivered a fully functional app that has been launched on iOS and Android app stores. The team lead was helpful and communicative. They provided frequent updates and warnings throughout the project. Their knowledge in the industry led to a positive collaboration.“

Ian H. Smith

Ian H. Smith

CEO, Being Guided

“.doCode was quick to adapt to the new technology platform required by the project. They were dedicated and showed excellent progress, delivering a complete solution within eight weeks. Customers can expect a professional team that would communicate and collaborate effectively.“

Andre Laboy

Andre Laboy

Co-Founder, Wecord

“The company is quite pleased with the work that the .doCode Studio team provided for them in this project and expressed the desire to work with them again on future projects. The team provided great value for the quality of the work they provided along with the cost of their services.“



Full stack development

“Extremely professional communication and organisation, great designs delivered. Wont hesitate to re-hire in the future.“



Full stack development

“Good work“

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Frequently asked questions and answers about IT staff augmentation.

  • IT staff augmentation definition

    Team augmentation is a hiring service that provides different IT experts who can work remotely and put specific skills into your project. The experts are some enterprise’s permanent workers who are free to join another project temporarily.

    Once you need some extra talents, they become fully dedicated to accomplish your tasks. A great bonus is that we manage all the hassle around taxes, administration, healthcare, and hiring.

    Is augmented staff available for the project that has already started? Yes! Anyone from BA to QA engineers is ready to jump in and start working.

  • Outsourcing vs staff augmentation?

    In staff augmentation, remote employees become similar to your in-house team: you have control over them and can communicate directly. The project management is in your hands. 

    In outsourcing projects the developers’ management will be performed by the outsourcing company from which you order the services.

  • What to look for in your software development partner?

    There are numerous things to check before cooperation. Some of them include:

    • Experience. Does a potential partner have more than 2 years of experience on the market? If the answer is yes, then it’s a good sign.
    • Feedback from previous clients. Social proof drives trust and builds a positive image of a company. Study what previous clients say about a vendor’s culture, approach to work and communication skills.
    • Technology stack. It may seem obvious, but checking what technologies a company uses is a must. Before searching for a partner, think which technology stack will benefit your project, create a list and tick boxes while studying about a vendor.
    • Portfolio. Go on a company’s website and find development cases. However, some may not show all the cases because they signed an NDA and can’t expose the work. In that case, directly ask for a brief summary. Examples of accomplished projects help to understand a company’s experience, clients and skills.
    • Social media. While social media usually don’t give any information about hard skills of employees, they open a curtain to the inner culture. If you see photos of a team having fun, it may indicate that employees are also friends and motivated to come to work. Check out our LinkedIn and Facebook 😉
    • Pricing model. Some companies show their pricing model but others don’t because each project is unique and prices have to be negotiated before cooperation. If you are interested in a particular company, contact their manager and discuss the prices for your case.
    • Location. Geographical location isn’t the most important factor, but it can impact the project. If you find the difference in time zones significant, then find out the location of a company. Bear in mind that despite different time zones, you can benefit from higher work quality and lower prices simultaneously.
  • Why staff augmentation is a beneficial investment?

    Staff augmentation services can benefit any company, but especially those that have just appeared on the market. The augmented team works just as well as in-house staff, but with a smaller budget and quicker. Isn’t this a smart choice?

    Companies can release their products and services faster, which is a competitive advantage. Moreover, apart from cutting costs on hiring and onboarding, you can save costs on office equipment and spend the money on business matters.

  • Do all your developers speak English?

    All our developers and other staff members speak English at B2-C1 level.

  • How can I be sure that my idea won’t be stolen?

    We sign an NDA with potential employees to ensure the safety and prevent any leakage to competitors.

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