Mobile Banking Application

Mobile Banking Application

Muniy is dedicated to providing users with the possibility to manage funds through an intuitive and convenient application easily. The product owner set us a task to implement the main banking functionalities and deliver an app that combines a high level of security, unique design, and flexibility. Flexibility lies in the fact that the application is supposed to cover the needs of both individuals and business users who can open accounts in minutes and start transferring funds immediately. After developing the main features, we have satisfied requirements related to nice-to-have features which emphasize the difference between competitors and extend the benefits for end users.

  • Industry Fintech
  • Location United Kingdom
  • Project category Mobile App Development

App Features

  • Personal/Business banking accounts
  • KYC/KYB Verification
  • Support of various currencies
  • UK Local Transfers
  • European transfers
  • Internal transfers
  • Beneficiaries
  • Cards issuing
  • Fee System
  • Statements
  • 2-Step Verification for Transfers
  • Top Up via Open Banking


– integrate services that allow users to open personal and business banking accounts in several currencies with account details being provided;

– ensure the safety of the application by implementing KYC/KYB Verification that aims to identify and verify the person/company’s identity;

– implement various payment methods that allow users to send funds within the UK or the European zone;

– realize issuing virtual cards to let users spend funds easily in any country. Users can add card to Apple Pay/Google Pay in order to pay in a physical store or use card details to buy items online;

– ensure the possibility of earning a profit from the project by implementing a Fee System for various types of services the app provides;

– implement generating of account statement that reflects information about transactions for a chosen period of time.

How It Works:

  1. Choose a personal or business account.

  2. Verify your identity or/and Company information.

  3. Create account in several currencies.

  4. Order virtual Mastercard.

  5. Send Faster Payment UK Local transfer.

  6. Send SEPA transfer within Europe.

  7. Add your card to Apple Pay/Google Pay. Use card details for online purchases.

To get a Banking Account the users have to pass a multi-step onboarding process:

1. Users pass KYC Verification by uploading a photo of themselves, an ID, and a document that contains proof of address. KYC checks are done through an independent and reliable source of documents, data, and information.

2. The app might request users to resubmit documents if minor violations were detected. 

3. The users are asked to verify their phone number and email.


Client’s review: clutch/docode

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