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doCode is a React.js development company that provides senior React developers and teams for the custom React.js development projects. Contact us via email or book a call to build your web application with a React expert team according to industry standards.

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Our React.js development services

  • React.js development from zero

    Our React experts can take responsibility for the project development. Choose the custom outsourcing cooperation model, and we will craft the application starting from zero.

  • Migration to React

    If you want to increase conversion rates and keep up with new features, migrating to React is a smart decision. Our top React developers can complete this task for you.

  • Dedicated team for React.js development

    Do you lack talents in your team for the upcoming project? Or have you started and realised that you need an extra pair of hands? Our senior and middle developers can become your dedicated team for the React.js project.

  • React Native app development

    Get a high-performing IOS / Android app built on React to achieve user satisfaction. We provide cost-effective services that will add to your competitive edge.

  • React.js UX/UI development

    We use the newest technologies of React.js to build engaging user interfaces that provide the best experience for customers and improve your business metrics.

  • React.js maintenance and support

    Our React.js development company helps to maintain the high performance of React-based applications. The maintenance and support services include security, output, and speed monitoring.


Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez

CEO & Founder, Muniy Limited

“I have personally been in the tech space for over 25 years and the .doCode team was very solid technically and had great leadership. The team showed a lot of integrity and was very excited to help us accomplish our goals. As a result we were able to deploy a working mobile application into production taking millions of funds and thousands of transactions.“

Andres Normelli

Andres Normelli

Founder, Binger

“.doCode Studio successfully delivered a fully functional app that has been launched on iOS and Android app stores. The team lead was helpful and communicative. They provided frequent updates and warnings throughout the project. Their knowledge in the industry led to a positive collaboration.“

Ian H. Smith

Ian H. Smith

CEO, Being Guided

“.doCode was quick to adapt to the new technology platform required by the project. They were dedicated and showed excellent progress, delivering a complete solution within eight weeks. Customers can expect a professional team that would communicate and collaborate effectively.“

Andre Laboy

Andre Laboy

Co-Founder, Wecord

“The company is quite pleased with the work that the .doCode Studio team provided for them in this project and expressed the desire to work with them again on future projects. The team provided great value for the quality of the work they provided along with the cost of their services.“



Full stack development

“Extremely professional communication and organisation, great designs delivered. Wont hesitate to re-hire in the future.“



Full stack development

“Good work“

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Key benefits of our React.js development services

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    Future of web applications

    React.js is a versatile and easy tool for creating web apps. Applications built with React.js perform better because it creates its own virtual DOM and loads only a part of the web page.

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    Immersive UI

    User interfaces play a significant role in business development: building an intuitive UI can leverage the user experience and attract more customers. React.js is a suitable tool for that job. It allows software development teams to create a combination of individual blocks, such as lists and navigation menus, which users can follow easily.

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    Easy maintenance

    React code maintenance and scalability are undemanding. A project sketch can quickly become a complex app: when developers make changes in one component, other similar parts update automatically. Thus, it boosts the productivity of the team, and the product can be released faster.

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    SEO friendly

    As well as improving the overall page experience and shortening load times for users, React.js has a massive impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). By keeping rendering times down, search engine crawlers will favor webpages built in React because of their speed and agility.

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    Reusable components

    Another advantage of React.js development is reusable components. Developers can use pieces of code in different environments – from both the server’s side and the client’s side. This reduces the development time and saves money for the company because similar features don’t require different codes.

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    The preferred choice for business

    Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal. Millions of users have these companies’ products on their phones. A common feature among these Fortune 500 companies is the choice of React.js for their websites and apps, which speaks very highly of React efficiency.

  • React.js and Node.js

    Node.js is used as a back-end framework.
    It has a large number of open-source libraries and a simple architecture. It’s an excellent instrument for creating fast network applications. Combining React.js and Node.js is an advantage for businesses that want to release progressive and high-quality web or mobile apps.

    Node.js development services
  • Hire React developers

    The doCode React.js development services include the recruitment of top developers. Build impressive applications with React and invite an expert with more than five years of experience to your team full-time or part-time. Our clients highlight the smooth cooperation and high motivation of doCode React developers.

    Hire app developers


Frequently asked questions and answers about React.js development.

  • Why is using React.js the smart choice?

    From the business side, React.js is beneficial in terms of cost and time effectiveness. Due to code reusability features, developers can implement the same code for different components and scale them automatically. This leads to better productivity and reduces time of the product release on the market. Another reason is a rich toolset for creating attractive user interfaces that will lead to higher user engagement and better ROI.

  • What can you build with React.js?

    React.js is mainly used for web development projects. It’s a tool from the JavaScript library that allows you to create impressive front ends.
    Some examples of React.js projects:

    • Social media apps
    • E-commerce apps
    • Realtime chats
    • Single page apps
    • Dashboards
    • Blogs

    However, you can opt for React Native as a tool for building mobile applications. doCode has mobile developers on board and can provide a mobile development service for you.

  • Will my idea be protected with an NDA document?

    Yes, an NDA is signed before the cooperation. We care about our client’s business ideas and keep them confidential. Besides, if you choose the IT staff augmentation model, we will also assist the NDA signing process with developers outside our company.

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