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If you are looking for an expert and top-notch development team for Android/iOS apps or if you need a web solution – contact us! We will gladly introduce our tech geeks and take your product to the next level.

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What can we do for you?

We can build native iOS/Android apps, web solutions and provide you with the extra hands team. Apart from digital banking expertise, we are ready for any other challenges. Now, discover our services in more detail:

  • Hybrid mobile solutions

    The doCode developers are skilled in hybrid mobile development. Our solutions are cross-platform and operate in different environments. We use React Native and Flutter in our work. Our developers have experience building hybrid mobile solutions, such as the Binger Application case. We work hard to offer a seamless solution that is responsive and quick.

  • Native apps for Android and iOS

    We use Swift programming language to develop iOS applications. As for Android apps, we use Java and Cotlin. Our iOS and Android application developers strive to build the best solutions. They ensure that the code meets interface requirements and is compatible with native environments. An example of a recent project is the Cyklon Bonus loyalty app, where our role was to develop everything from scratch.

  • Web development

    While developing a web app, we make sure it operates on both desktop and mobile devices. UX/UI designers use the best practices to make an intuitive and responsive interface that the users will enjoy. Certified and experienced project managers oversee all the challenges that might happen on the go to ensure in-time and high-quality delivery. Quality assurance experts use Quality Management System, Integrated Manual and Automated Testing to make the web app bugless, secure and fast.

Available developers and engineers for hire

  • img Android developer
  • img iOS developer
  • img React Native mobile developer
  • img Full-stack developer
  • img QA engineer
  • img UX/UI designer
  • img Front-end / back-end developer
  • img Business analyst
  • img Project manager
  • img DevOps engineers

Hire web and mobile app developers

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Our hiring criteria and process

The hiring process at doCode is aimed at finding certified and experienced IT specialists of senior level. We don’t compromise on time and quality during recruitment.

  • 01


    Before interviewing a candidate, our hiring manager is curious to get to know the person behind a resume better. At this stage, vacancy details, as well as the candidate’s experience are discussed. This is done to evaluate a personality and soft skills.

  • 02


    After meeting a candidate at the prescreening stage and evaluating his or her personality, it’s time for an interview. Our tech specialist asks about technical skills and working experience. A candidate solves practical cases to show his or her knowledge in action. At this stage, we also consider problem-solving skills, sharpness, and English level.

  • 03


    After deciding to hire someone, there is one additional step. A candidate we approve may not suit your company and that’s okay. The final decision lies with you.

How we work

  • 1. Concept development

    At the beginning of the project, we discuss your business goals and objectives for the future application.

    We will gladly help to build a big picture of the product at this stage and polish the idea for the next step.

  • 2. Requirements gathering

    In the second stage, we group business requirements together into functional and non-functional types to turn them into app features later.

    Our project manager defines the product's scope, timeline, and development cost with your team.

  • 3. Planning

    To avoid uncertainty and drive smart decision-making, we plan the project activities and set deadlines.

    We evaluate risks and discuss them transparently.

  • 4. Prototype design

    The main requirements of functionality are fulfilled to create outlines of the start screens. Then, our developers turn outlines into wireframes and, finally, a prototype of the product.

    The team creates a convenient and user-intuitive design, mapping the user flow.

  • 5. UI/UX design

    When the prototype is ready and there is a general understanding of how the app should look, UX/UI designers enter the game.

    Considering the data from the user persona, we create an impeccable design to attract customers and make their journey smooth.

  • 6. Programming

    At each stage of mobile app development, we discuss the results with you in order to get feedback and make some changes if necessary.

    Before coding, you define the task prioritization and approve the acceptance criteria (AC). Only when everything is confirmed, we start programming and reporting regularly.

  • 7. Testing

    We care about our work results, so we do quality assurance testing before release.

    This helps to identify bugs and not let them worsen the users’ first impression. Our staff is efficient, responsive and provides regular reports.

  • 8. Tech support and DevOps

    Post-release tech support is available! After the product goes to the market, our team continues working. In case of any error, we are here to help 24/7 with maintenance and active support.

    It’s important to add that our software development team is friendly and empathetic. Each expert has an advanced English level so that you won’t face any language barriers during our cooperation.

Our uniqueness

  • img

    Focusing on the fintech industry

    doCode senior developers have vast experience in fintech industry solutions. We are skilled core banking developers who can build neobanks that are secure and fast. Our digital banking apps are intuitive and convenient both for users and administrators. Two of them have already entered the production stage successfully! However, the fintech world isn’t the only one for our team. We are willing to take projects from other fields, guaranteeing exceptional results.

  • img

    Top design & development team

    Apart from software engineers, our dedicated product development team has designers too. They make enjoyable user interfaces that boost marketing success and increase ROI. If you want to make an excellent first impression on users and gain long-term customers – we have the right developers for hire. UX designers take care of the app’s smooth functionality and make sure that customers enjoy the experience. Get in touch with our team and start the analysis and planning.

  • img

    Affordability and value

    We are open to discussing your idea, budget and terms limits. Our flexible pricing system offers an individual decision according to your needs. After the initial meeting and discussion, we can offer multiple cooperation models: a dedicated team or a developer, outsourced product development, outstaff or on-demand.

    Note: the on-demand model is available to clients who already have our developers or other staff professionals working on a project.


Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez

CEO & Founder, Muniy Limited

“I have personally been in the tech space for over 25 years and the .doCode team was very solid technically and had great leadership. The team showed a lot of integrity and was very excited to help us accomplish our goals. As a result we were able to deploy a working mobile application into production taking millions of funds and thousands of transactions.“

Andres Normelli

Andres Normelli

Founder, Binger

“.doCode Studio successfully delivered a fully functional app that has been launched on iOS and Android app stores. The team lead was helpful and communicative. They provided frequent updates and warnings throughout the project. Their knowledge in the industry led to a positive collaboration.“

Ian H. Smith

Ian H. Smith

CEO, Being Guided

“.doCode was quick to adapt to the new technology platform required by the project. They were dedicated and showed excellent progress, delivering a complete solution within eight weeks. Customers can expect a professional team that would communicate and collaborate effectively.“

Andre Laboy

Andre Laboy

Co-Founder, Wecord

“The company is quite pleased with the work that the .doCode Studio team provided for them in this project and expressed the desire to work with them again on future projects. The team provided great value for the quality of the work they provided along with the cost of their services.“



Full stack development

“Extremely professional communication and organisation, great designs delivered. Wont hesitate to re-hire in the future.“



Full stack development

“Good work“

Our Portfolio


Frequently asked questions and answers about hiring web and mobile app developers.

  • Can I hire a part-time app developer?

    Yes, you can hire a part time app developer as well as full-time. A part-time model is a beneficial option for small projects. Moreover, it’s cost-efficient, as you get to know our experts and make a further decision about cooperation with doCode. In case of satisfaction with our work, you can switch to a full-time agreement.

    Choose from both options based on your needs and requirements for the product development project.

  • What tools are used for Hybrid mobile app development?

    For hybrid mobile app development, we use React Native, React, Node.js, AWS, Bitbucket, MongoDB.

  • What other services do you provide?

    We offer a range of services you can choose from. Our app programmers can engage in different software projects. Discover the list of our services below:

    • Front-end Development

    Hire a front-end developer with the right skills for your product. Don’t lose money and time searching for experts on freelance apps. 

    • Back-end Development

    Our house team is an expert in back-end development services. Looking for a senior back-end developer? Stop right here and hire one from doCode. Core skills of a back-end developer from doCode:

    • Node.js
    • Typescript
    • Ruby on Rails
    • .NET
    • AWS
    • SQL/NoSQL

    If you already have a developed front-end, we can also design a back-end.

    • QA & software testing

    Our QA testers are passionate and intelligent experts who will find a bug before the users do. One negative comment about an app can repel 22% of potential users. Avoid losing customers and money by hiring our QA and software testers. 

    Our team’s capabilities:

    • manual QA testing
    • mobile app testing
    • app performance testing
    • web app testing
    • automation
    • API testing

    Launch your product according to the latest market trends in the shortest time.

    • UX & UI design

    There are nearly 900,000 UX/UI designers available on LinkedIn. Evaluating their skills, conducting a job interview, and onboarding is a lot of (excessive) work. Yes, finding a freelancer is cheaper than hiring one from a development company, but it’s the only benefit that can become a problem later. Hiring a UX/UI designer from doCode means:

    • a wide range of expertise
    • high reliability
    • long-term project type
    • a fast and easy recruitment process
    • strict quality check before submitting the work

    If you hire our UX/UI designer – you will get a dedicated professional. The great thing is that this expert is 100% committed to your project until the finish, whereas an in-house worker may lose interest somewhere in the middle and deliver poor results.

    • Business Analytics

    Our business analytics service helps businesses uncover hidden patterns and deliver insights on how to make a project more effective. Extensive experience in the fintech niche enables us to help you implement working and effective practices that have already been tested and proven efficient. 

    We will not offer you a magic wand that will do everything for you. But we will definitely help you realize your ideas in the best way, and have the best results.

    • DevOps support

    Apart from Agile and Scrum workflows, DevOps is an innovative model that speeds up the software development process and gains a competitive advantage. You create shared responsibility and improve the workflow by combining development and operation teams. DevOps support equals constant improvement, waste reduction, automation of the development process and short feedback loops.

    The DevOps model creates an environment of mutual responsibility and quick feedback between teams. As a result, you can release the app faster without losing its quality.

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