Muniy – Web Banking Application

Muniy – Web Banking Application

The client reached out to us with a request to develop an Online Banking application – an all-in-one banking and payments service that provides maximum convenience and flexibility and doesn’t require users to interact with a physical bank to open an account. It was also essential to create a secure, trusted platform where users can accumulate and manage any amount of funds.  The core of the platform consists of a number of services that allow carrying out various kinds of money transfers.

  • Domain Fintech
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Project category Web App Development

App Features

  • KYC/KYB Verification
  • Individual/Corporate accounts
  • Multicurrency coverage
  • Mastercards
  • Statement generation
  • UK Local Transfers
  • SEPA Transfers
  • Muniy transfers
  • Fee collection
  • 2-Step Verification for Transfers
  • Top Up via Open Banking
  • Beneficiaries


– implement a secure onboarding process by integrating KYC/KYB verification service to protect the financial institution against fraud, corruption, and money laundering;

– integrate service in order to issue personal/business banking multicurrency accounts with access to banking details;

– integrate a Mastercard service to allow users to request virtual cards and spend funds in physical stores or e-commerce websites; 

– integrate Intercom service to allow users quickly reach out to support and resolve any issues they might have;

– implement various payment methods in order to send funds locally and abroad;

– realize generating of statements to let users get a summary of account activity for a specific time period.


How It Works:

  1. Choose a personal or business account

  2. Submit your documents in order to pass the verification process

  3. Open banking accounts in a needed currency

  4. Order virtual Card

  5. Send funds locally via Faster Payment payment method

  6. Send funds abroad via SEPA payment method

  7. Add your card to Apple Pay/Google Pay. Use card details for online purchases.

Client’s review: clutch/docode


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