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We utilize Blockchain, IoT, and AI along with other top technologies to develop smooth-running, user-friendly and secure financial applications. On top of this, our process for creating digital products is tailored to your specific needs. Having built 20+ fintech software applications including peer-to-peer lending systems, payment gateways and smart finance management systems, we have the expertise to make your concept a reality.

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  • What are you focused on in fintech development?

    We are mostly focused on neobanking, BaaS, digital wallet solutions where we work with implementing payment rails, loans, open banking, integration KYC/AML providers, working with fiat as well as with crypto assets.

  • Do you have experience with building finance compliance management tools?

    Yes, we have worked with different KYC/AML providers and closely cooperate with a financial institution compliance team to understand their needs in terms of monitoring and managing customers.

  • What financial products have you worked with?

    Payment rails(UK local payments, SEPA, SEPA instant, SWIFT, ACH), Cards(virtual, physical, debit, pre-paid), currency exchange(fiat to fiat, fiat to crypto), loans.

  • How do you care about security?

    We follow all modern standards like TLS 256/512 encryption, digital signatures, hardware security module (HSM), brute force attacks protection, SHA-256 or SHA-512, firewalls, load-balancing and WAF.

  • Do you offer your own financial software solutions?

    Yes, we offer a highload digital white-label banking platform with core banking functionality and pre-integrated BaaS/Banks, you can check more details here finhost.io

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