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Freelance platforms have millions of potential candidates to offer, which can be overwhelming. Hire all the needed experts at one time with a dedicated team model. Contact us to get a team of professionals within approximately five days.

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Dedicated team model

Instead of insisting on using our service, we want to help you make a data-driven decision and be content with your choice. Before you jump to conclusions, it may be helpful to know some details about dedicated teams.

  • Who?

    A dedicated team resembles your in-house team and becomes your temporary employee for one project. A vendor’s location can be anywhere in the world, which is the opportunity to analyze all available options and choose what’s suitable for your project. Decide whether the time zone plays a vital role for you and look for a vendor based on that criterion in mind.

  • For what?

    This approach is excellent for long-term software development projects with a time-material pricing model and flexible requirements. It helps either to build a project from scratch or to make an expansion to the existing in-house team. Due to unspecified requirements at the start, a pricing system for dedicated software development teams is flexible. We can change the project scope and budget in the process. We negotiate each modification with our client and work transparently.

  • Why?

    What benefit will dedicated developers bring? The main benefit of a dedicated software team is a relatively quick onboarding process for a hiring manager. Besides, you won’t need to hunt ten workers separately – they are already a formed team and ready to go!

Dedicated developers working models

Full-time Part-time On-demand
Includes: Business Analysts, Product manager, UX/UI designers, Front-end engineers, Back-end engineers, DevOps engineers, Architects, QA engineers. Front-end engineers, Back-end engineers, QA engineers. UX/UI designers, Front-end engineers, Back-end engineers, DevOps engineers, Architects, QA engineers, (Provided that we previously worked on the project).
Man-Hours: 160 hours per month Up to 20 hours per week Depends on needs, from 2 hours
Communication: Slack, Trello, Jira Slack, Trello, Jira Slack, Trello, Jira
Billing: Monthly billing Monthly billing Billing after receiving
Hiring Period: From 3 mounts From one month From one week

Our technology stack

Team Technologies and tools
Web and mobile app developers Front-end engineers: React.js, Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, Vue.js / Back-end engineers: Node.js, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Java, AWS / Mobile: React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin
DevOps engineers Clouds: AWS Infrastructure as a code: AWS Cloudformation / CI/CD: AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild, Bitbucket / Monitoring: Kibana, elasticsearch(opensearch), Cloudwatch, CloudTrail / Big data: Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Quicksight, AWS Glue / Databases: RDS, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB
QA engineers Test Rail, Jira, Swagger, Postman, React Native degugger, Dev tools, Xcode, Testflight, Android Studio
UX/UI designers Figma / Adobe: Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop / Web: Freepik, Flaticon, Lottiefiles and others.

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Onboarding process

The first meeting is dedicated to discussing the details of our cooperation. Once you reach out to us, we start collecting data about your future product requirements, business goals, and unique qualities you are looking for in the perfect dedicated team staff.

  • 1

    Candidate search

    When we have all the essential information, the search process begins. Based on your demands, we handpick professionals that have a senior level of technical skills and can fit into your company’s culture. 

  • 2

    Interview stage

    After we have chosen the candidates, they go through the interviewing process with you. It’s the chance to check their practical knowledge and soft skills such as adaptability, teamwork, conflict management, etc.

  • 3

    Contract signing

    We value security, so at the contract stage we sign the NDA to protect your data and the idea from stealing. Since the dedicated model applies to long-term projects with constant modifications, the agreement details can be changed on the go.

Dedicated team structure

  • Business analysts

    From the beginning of our cooperation, our business analysts help understand your specific business goals and needs, not only software requirements.

    We become your supportive partner, not just a service provider. Our team is eager to exchange expertise with your in-house workers.

  • Product manager

    We include a product manager as a dedicated team member to reduce the chances of failure, take responsibility for the product, and make your customers passionate about it.

  • UX/UI designers

    The doCode UX/UI designers have experience in fintech mobile/web app development and know how to make an engaging interface with intuitive navigation. You can review their work in our portfolio.

    Usability testing and user research, Prototyping, User flows, Wireframing, Mockups, Information architecture design.

  • Front-end engineers

    Our front-end experts follow the best practices, detect UI bugs and provide elegant solutions to master the site. Explore their technical knowledge below:

    Javascript/Typescript, React.js, Vue.js, Next.js, React Native.

  • Back-end engineers

    The doCode back-end engineers are familiar with several programming languages and frameworks, which helps them to create clean code and intuitive prototypes.

    Node.js, Typescript, Ruby on Rails, .NET, AWS, SQL/NoSQL.

  • DevOps engineers

    Our DevOps engineers have multiple skills that will help to reduce time-to-market and maintain the system's health.

    Cybersecurity skills, Automation skills, Testing skills, Cloud skills, Coding skills.

  • Architects

    The doCode architects have a strategic vision: the architect's design decisions ensure that the system can be correctly changed or improved, it can be further scaled,

    and the code can be reused in other projects. The knowledge of business fundamentals helps to speak with our clients in the same language.

  • QA engineers

    Our QA capabilities: manual QA testing, mobile app testing, app performance testing.

Strengths of the doCode dedicated team

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    Focusing on the fintech industry

    We have 5+ years of experience in fintech. Our team helped two businesses to release their digital neobanks that are already in production. We provide a range of services, such as fintech mobile apps development, fintech web app development, banking systems, software development for expense, tax and limits management, UX/UI design, QA testing.

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    Cost efficiency and focused approach

    Our team is cost-conscious, meaning that we won’t spend anything extra. We use only necessary and efficient technologies in our projects. And talking about efficiency: as a dedicated team, we are exclusively focused on tasks that you assign to us.

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    Changing requirements and flexibility

    Once we start working on your project, we stay fully focused on your tasks. This gives us agility and 100% commitment to the development process and daily meetings. Working long-term gives us a chance to monitor changing requirements and adjust our work according to them.


Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez

CEO & Founder, Muniy Limited

“I have personally been in the tech space for over 25 years and the .doCode team was very solid technically and had great leadership. The team showed a lot of integrity and was very excited to help us accomplish our goals. As a result we were able to deploy a working mobile application into production taking millions of funds and thousands of transactions.“

Andres Normelli

Andres Normelli

Founder, Binger

“.doCode Studio successfully delivered a fully functional app that has been launched on iOS and Android app stores. The team lead was helpful and communicative. They provided frequent updates and warnings throughout the project. Their knowledge in the industry led to a positive collaboration.“

Ian H. Smith

Ian H. Smith

CEO, Being Guided

“.doCode was quick to adapt to the new technology platform required by the project. They were dedicated and showed excellent progress, delivering a complete solution within eight weeks. Customers can expect a professional team that would communicate and collaborate effectively.“

Andre Laboy

Andre Laboy

Co-Founder, Wecord

“The company is quite pleased with the work that the .doCode Studio team provided for them in this project and expressed the desire to work with them again on future projects. The team provided great value for the quality of the work they provided along with the cost of their services.“



Full stack development

“Extremely professional communication and organisation, great designs delivered. Wont hesitate to re-hire in the future.“



Full stack development

“Good work“

Our Portfolio


Frequently asked questions and answers about the dedicated software development team.

  • How do I stay in touch with developers?

    We work transparently and give our clients full control over what’s going on. Our team sticks to daily meeting standards, and you are welcome to visit them too. In addition, we use Slack and Trello as means of communication.

  • Do you focus on new apps, or can your developers work alongside my other developers to add features to existing codebases?

    We can develop both an app from scratch based on your requirements or to become an expansion to your team working on an existing project. We are open to knowledge sharing and consultancy.

  • Can I find developers with expertise in a specific technology or programming language?

    The composition of the doCode team includes developers with vast experience and skills. However, if you need something else – our hiring manager will be glad to find a candidate for you. This process may take a bit longer time.

  • What qualifications do your developers have? How can we be sure their work is of high quality?

    Our staff are certified experts with more than 5 years of experience. We can provide their certificates on your request. Their previous work as a team is described in the portfolio section on our website. 

  • What service options do you offer?

    The range of services includes:

    • Development of a native mobile app 
    • Development of a hybrid mobile app 
    • Web app development
    • Redesign of an existing product

    We specialize in fintech industry product development and are ready to develop a product from other industries.

  • Can I hire just one developer?

    Yes, you can hire one developer based on the IT staff augmentation model. 

  • Do doCode developers stay up to date with the latest technology?

    We use cost-efficient and top-notch technologies to deliver the highest value for our clients.

  • Do all your developers speak English?

    All of our developers have a proficient English level. 

  • Is a dedicated software development team a match for you?

    Although outsourcing sounds reasonable because of cost efficiency and easier hiring process, this model isn’t for everyone. We prepared a short checklist of criteria for you to see if a dedicated software development team is a match for you.

    Long-term project check

    Outsourcing can benefit companies that start long-term projects and want to scale them in the future. It’s an ongoing journey that requires committed developers and other staff from the beginning to the software release. A dedicated development team will know all the vital details and business goals of the project, which will help deliver an integral result. Just imagine what chaos it would be if the staff changed during the project, and different experts worked on separate parts of the software.

    Vague requirements check:

    If you are hiring it for a project with general requirements that are about to change, then tick the box. Businesses that track real-time progress and daily updates would benefit from a dedicated team model. A full-time committed staff is convenient because the same team members move through project stages together and have a grasp of the tiniest changes that happen.

    Startup at an early stage check

    A common feature of all startups is the need to grow fast and at low costs. While it’s not rewarding to compromise on quality, founders should find other ways to save money. One of the solutions is to optimize the hiring process, and that’s when a dedicated team comes in handy. Think about it – there’s no need to put effort and excessive money into the candidate search and interviewing when there is a convenient solution on the market.

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