IT Staff Augmentation Vs. Managed Services: Which to Choose?

Ever heard about IT staff augmentation and managed services? These two terms are competing together as businesses are getting more and more digitised. IT staff augmentation service comes in handy when a business needs a viable solution to let its operations run flexibly under a come-and-go recruitment model.

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Nevertheless, to sustain an appointment procedure for a fresh development team, considering managed services model is everyone’s go-to option because it cares for heavy-lifting software projects.

Apart from staff augmentation and managed services definition, their market domain is almost 60% of the global market share. In addition to this ratio, Statista’s 2021 study highlighted:

  • Remote Workers’ demand has increased by 43%
  • Around 6% of outsourced staff hiring is raised.
  • Diversification within one organisation has upraised by 13%

You may perhaps be wondering why these two terms have been so challenging in the modern era. One cause is the recently promoted Remote Model. The demand for Remote modelling has raised for temporary hired outsourced professionals because organisations run under specified contracts. In this approach, innumerable trades collaborated in conjunction with technology and its professionals. This involves IT staff augmentation and managed services that could be casual and round-the-clock services.

Of course, we do not scale up our businesses throughout our business years. Assume, that almost 10 months of a year business invests in productivity and the remaining two months are for resource and business procedures supervision. For your two business months, would you appoint a long-term service causing raise in your pay and resource allocation for the long run? Or would you prefer short-term hiring where you pay as you go? Of course, corporation prefers approaches that could save bucks so as you.

Before deciding on an IT services approach, know some quick facts. Conferring to News Wire, the Staff Augmentation Services industry will generate an extra expenditure of around USD 81.87 billion over the next five years, rising the GDP by 3.53 per cent. Buyers could benefit from a planned strategy to obtain Staff Augmentation Services.

Furthermore, IT managed services will hit USD 557.10 billion in near 5 ages – Fortune Business Insights reported. These statistics demonstrate that staff augmentation and managed services have become superior to ever before. But which IT service will hold global market share? What kind of aspects elaborate staff augmentation vs managed services? There is a vast difference between staff augmentation and managed services; both come under the umbrella of IT- services but with poles-apart merits, demerits, and also disparate applications.

Don’t you worry, understand every detail of managed IT services and Staff Augmentation by reading the post widely open on your device’s screen. So read on and get some amazing knowledge about IT managed services vs staff augmentation.

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IT Staff Augmentation – The Understanding

Let us get started on the basic concept! Among various Software Outsourcing Development Models, staff augmentation got birth recently and become a trending norm. Avoiding conventional hiring processes, with IT staff augmentation ensures the best offshore resources required to fulfill the IT area’s gaps and technological talents such as programming languages or Blockchain platforms.

The foremost goal that opens the wide opportunities for staff augmentation services covers the assistance of corporations by getting into a contract. Corporations need to have external contracts when they lack expertise and want to avoid extra personnel (like HR). Throughout mentioned instance, organisations significantly concentrate on offering development inputs and requisite efforts with no promise of revenue-generating outcomes.

Staff Augmentation in IT Domain – Major Benefits and Drawbacks

Key Benefits

  1. Monitor, regulate and decrease factors of risk. Outsourcing involves risk factors like a probability of feeble administration, project uncertainty, outdated tech endowments, or no pioneer capacity. To prevent, monitor as well as control these uncertainties, you simply appoint temporary and internal professionals while adapting the staff augmentation services methodology.
  2. Save money to save your business. Get out of round-the-clock employees’ norm and start saving over remunerations with frequent hiring based on agreement.
  3. Flexibility for Recruitment. Immediately hire professionals if found any lost ability crucial to have company profile and success. This will also lessen your efforts and time consumption throughout the recruitment process.
  4. Focus on Profiling. Having adaptability to new and demanded off-shore technologies, you can simply get in touch with unique tech talents. By getting hands-on innovative practices, you can level up your ideas and trademark shortly.

Key Drawbacks

  1. Getting into a prolonged contract. If your firm is involved in excessively prolonged missions, get ready for revenue-effective challenges in staff augmentation service manoeuvres. Offshore contractors or vendors may leave the contract anytime.
  2. Budget efficacy is another big challenge. Again, if your firm is involved in excessively prolonged missions, get ready for revenue-effective challenges in staff augmentation service manoeuvres. Memorise, compensating a temporary employee is higher than permanent ones while catching milestones frequently.
  3. Reliance & dependency on external IT crew. Staff augmentation Services belong to dependability over an external IT service provider – must be at least one.
  4. Engagement measures. Along with third-party support, you will find one (or two) tech talent(s) in support of the required job. Within the task, for more functionality, you would require another third-party vendor to meet the results but this will lead to inconsistency in your catered job.

Staff Augmentation Usefulness

Several scenarios might help, but try to meet at least one use case mentioned below.

  • Trying to find a job as a supporting position for a new hire?
  • Wish to bolster an internal team’s accessible IT talent?
  • Willing to incorporate innovative technologies into your projects?
  • Trying to confront time limits that seem “to be missed”?

Managed IT Services – The Understanding

Managed IT services comprise subcontracting offshore leadership & maintenance facilities for Small-to-large enterprises to boost performance. This managed service provider is usually appointed as a round-the-clock operative comprised of proficient professional groups having years of experience.

Considering perks, hiring managed IT services convey ease in procedural burdens throughout the consumer base. It lets you concentrate your core businesses, and its revenue model & eliminate unprofitable endeavors of obtaining & preserving full-time operators.

Managed IT Services – Major Benefits & Drawbacks

Key Benefits

  1. Save money & time spent with managed IT services because it tolerates excessive hiring procedures.
  2. Monitor & Regulate Service providers by having an experienced team employed, monitored, controlled and fared by business processes.
  3. Improve budgeting. You always guise for managed services outcomes while deciding on pricing.
  4. Failsafe results. ensure outcomes adhered to specified scope & timeline in Managed IT services.
  5. Availability of a large pool of tech talents. Pick up the accessibility of IT services & facilities while tackling shifting market challenges.

Key Drawbacks

  1. Vendor Reliability. No assurance of vendor’s reliability – he/she may resign anytime on behalf of no solid reason.
  2. Higher Cost than staff augmentation service because of full-time employees which stay for long.
  3. Autonomy loss. If your firm wishes to accomplish permission for internal operations, outsourcing product innovation from a managed IT services provider could be contrary to an extended period of interest.

IT Managed Services Usefulness

Several scenarios might help, but try to meet at least one use case mentioned below. When you

  • Consider corporations’ future
  • Swiftly implement a newly-born equipment
  • Want dependable budgeting
  • Desire organisation’s compliance amid predicted risks

IT Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services

Key FeatureIT Staff AugmentationIT Managed Services
Execution Control & Management (Company)NoYes
Allotted Resources control (Client)YesNo
Committed to specified scope & agreed on termsNoYes
Consideration of service level agreement (SLA) commitmentsNoYes
Payment dependency on time & materialYesNo
Payment dependency on SLAs & outcomesNoYes
Risks readiness with ClientsYesNo
Documentation RequirementNoYes
Offshore input (functions and tasks) and no outputs (management and solutions)YesNo
Flexible & ScalableYesNo
Reliable & StableNoYes
Low BudgetingYesNo
Round-the-clock Employee EngagementYesYes
Part-time AppointmentNoYes

Familiar with Fundamental Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Managed Services? Which Service would you pick?

IT Staff Augmentation Vs. Managed Services

As you’ve seen managed services vs staff augmentation, these strategies are rather distinct and predicting the superiority between them, at first sight, is difficult. The choice is primarily defined by the company’s requirements.

While searching for an immediate solution as a person who can jump on to the implementation process swiftly & address shortages, staff augmentation is your straightforward way on the go. On the opposing side, offshore projects in IT managed services are overseen by specialised supervisors.

How doCode help with your IT Staff Augmentation?

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Decision is All Yours!

Every IT organisation relies on contractors & service providers that partake in business functionalities with an in-house group. Outsourced Project Management is one practice of routine operations. Managed IT services are powerful substitutes for outsourcing software development for fundamental business operations.

IT Staff Augmentation is a fantastic place to start if you’re just starting out with outsourcing. With staff augmentation, your group will get fully submerged in chunks of outsourced projects to share superior flexibility.

So have you decided on an optimal model for your next company project? Contact us, and we’ll assist you in determining and executing the talent that will be most valuable for your unique industry requirement.