How to choose an app development company

Mobile technology has changed the way people do business. Smartphones are everywhere where consumers live today. Learning to code is a step in the right direction, but you probably don’t have time for it. And the only way to get an app is to hire an app development company.

There are enough good specialists on the market, but there are also many inexperienced, ignorant, and those for whom the financial component is most important. For example, Where4Events spent more than half a million dollars on developers before finding a company that finally came up with the right solution. So, how to choose an app development company easily and successfully? Let’s have a look at what you should pay attention to.


A nice way to sort candidates is to compare portfolios of companies. It is also worth paying attention to reviews of their applications and the company in general. The developer’s profile should contain links to online stores in order to download and try out their applications. If a potential candidate does not have a developer account in the App Store or Google Play, then, most likely, this company did not publish applications in online stores. And this is a significant disadvantage.

Skype communication

It is worth making an appointment via Skype to meet and take a look at the person with whom you will possibly have to work. Talk about general and technical topics. Ask to have a look at the office, this is easily accomplished if the developer launches Skype on his mobile device.


Pay attention to the clients that the app company has partnered with. Talk to representatives of these organizations, get their opinion. Professional developers will never hesitate to show you a list of applications that they have created and in the development of which they participated, and will tell you about the technologies used.

Application monetization models

The developers are well aware of how to monetize the application and will suggest a suitable model for you. This could be a subscription, in-app purchase, sponsorship, or advertising. The latter is the most popular way to monetize apps.

Technical support and updates

It happens that with the release of a new operating system, the application does not function as before. Windows do not open and so on and so forth. Development companies usually provide free or paid updates and other technical support.

Company website

A website or app is the business card of an organization. If a development company is not able to present itself beautifully with its own website, it is unlikely to be able to make a decent product for others.


To protect yourself from fraudulent companies, you just need to look through the portfolio of the organization. Its presence serves as a certain guarantee that the company provides real services. If some projects in the portfolio seem unattractive to you, do not rush to condemn the quality of the work: perhaps the developers did not have the right to carry out the project differently due to the customer’s requirements.

List of services offered

To find out if the company provides the services necessary to create your project, check the list of services it offers. If there is no service in the list, but the company claims that it has already worked with a similar problem, this is a reason to think about whether the organization is responsible enough.

Experience with various industries

If the company you are considering has experience in creating a product for various industries, this indicates the high professionalism of its employees. It also means that team members have enough skills to develop different types of applications for different purposes. You can safely expect a high-quality and unique product from such developers.

Price policy

Too low prices for services should alert the customer: it is illogical to make high-quality and complex work too cheap. Of course, an organization can set a low price in order to attract new customers or in honor of seasonal discounts, but in this case, the customer should still make sure of the professionalism of the team by examining the company’s portfolio and reviews about it.

Customer geography

If the company works not only with local clients but also with customers from other cities or even countries, this is a huge advantage. Being engaged in projects of companies from different cities, the development team improves their skills and experience in working with non-standard ideas. In addition, such professionals know the difference in expectations and specificity of audiences from different countries, which is a big plus if you want to promote your product outside of one city or country.


As you can see, it’s worth taking a look at many components that may influence the future success of your project. App developers are the core of your product implementation. Choose a company carefully and get a ready-made functional application that can bring your business to a new level.