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    Top Web and Mobile App Development Trends 2021-2022

    People tend to choose mobile apps, as those help to meet their daily needs. Via those, it is possible to call a taxi, contact the bank, order food or medicine, play games, buy clothes, call a plumber, and so on. Big businesses respond to existing realities and increasingly opts for mobile applications, which is not surprising - after all, this is the only channel of communication with the target audience that provides such a large reach and depth of interaction.

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    Cross-Platform vs PWA vs Hybrid vs Native Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications have long been mainstream for remote customer service. They are much more widespread than full-featured web applications. This is due to various reasons; the main one is the dynamic nature of our time. Everything needs to be done quickly and on the run - a mobile gadget is always at hand, which makes mobile apps really useful.

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    The Impact of Animation on the Time a User Spends on the Site

    In modern times designers use loads of influence factors to encourage users to stay on a website. In this article, you can find out how animation can help with this goal. The animation is not only bright and colorful videos or cartoons. It can be integrated into the website in multiple options, including some links or informative icons or explainer videos etc.

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