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    How to Get Money for a Startup Business?

    The founder of a company not only needs to study the market well, come up with an excellent business idea and understand how to generate income, but also find money to launch a project. There are various options for raising funds, each of which is associated with certain consequences. Let's get to know more about how to get money for a startup business.

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    7 Useful Tools for Startups. Part 1. Creating

    Creating your own company demands patience and perseverance. Startups usually have a limited budget and a small team, so a selection of successful programs and applications for business can smooth out any sharp corners in the organization of various processes. The tools for startups presented here will help with the formation of your startup at the very beginning.

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    How to Reduce Software Development Costs?

    In this article, we want to highlight some ideas on how to approach the development phase to significantly reduce costs without compromising the quality of your future product. How to reduce software development costs? The first step is to start by developing a plan.

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