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    Software Development Contract: What You Need to Know

    Software Development Contract differs completely from general commercial or industrial agreements. Unlike introverted mutual understanding over roles and responsibilities under the specified terms, contracts for software development cover every aspect of customisation – including but not limited to intended technologies, frameworks, modules, programming languages, resources, implemented features, user-friendly interface, and everything in between.

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    Excellent Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Guide

    A software requirement specification (also called SRS) sets a project for success from the very beginning if written correctly. At first, the preparation of SRS may seem overwhelming. That is why we created this blog to guide you, provide explanations to each of the SRS elements and give hints on how to improve your documentation.

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    How to Choose an App Development Company

    Mobile technology has changed the way people do business. Smartphones are everywhere where consumers live today. Learning to code is a step in the right direction, but you probably don't have time for it. And the only way to get an app is to hire an app development company. So, how to choose an app development company easily and successfully? Let’s have a look at what you should pay attention to.

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