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.doCode is a team of certified AWS specialists with more than five years of experience and four successfully finished projects for clients from the UK and Europe. We know how to use DevOps practices and tools for your benefit.  Solve performance issues and improve the efficiency of your team with .doCode.

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  • 5+ 5+
    years of experience
  • 10+ 10+
    successful projects on AWS
  • From 27$ From 27$
    the hourly rate for a DevOps engineer

Tools and technologies we use

Section Include
Tools: Ansible, Puppet
Clouds: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Infrastructure as a code: AWS Cloudformation
CI/CD: AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild, Bitbucket
Monitoring: Kibana, Elasticsearch (open search), Cloudwatch, CloudTrail
Big data: Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Quicksight, AWS Glue
Databases: RDS, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB

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How it works

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    Planning and discovery

    Firstly, we discuss and set priorities and ultimate delivery goals with you. Our team sets up effective communication channels between the development and operations teams to ensure close contact. Then, the state of the infrastructures and main performance metrics are analyzed, and we make the disaster recovery plan.

  • 2

    Setup and transition

    We set up monitoring tools, review the current on-call workflow and create runbooks and documentation. At this stage, we establish the continuity of work processes in the DevOps lifecycle.

  • 3

    Continuous 24x7 support and updates

    Our team monitors the system 24/7 to manage incidents and analyse performance metrics when everything is set up. We automate common activities, improve alerting and monitoring capabilities and suggest how to boost the infrastructure overall.

Our AWS DevOps services

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

    DevOps support model includes regular data collection about the performance of software infrastructure.

    Metrics provide valuable insights into system vulnerabilities and help to understand how to optimize performance and build a robust infrastructure.

  • Incident Management

    In incident management, our DevOps engineers scan the infrastructure's health and predict the issues to take preventive measures.

    We monitor the system round-the-clock to ensure smooth performance and respond to issues instantly.

  • Cloud costs optimization

    Companies waste approximately 70% of cloud costs. In the AWS pricing model, customers are charged for what they order instead of what they use.

    The .doCode team provides an analysis of the cloud services you ordered to find unattached resources and make them right-size to maximum efficiency.

  • Cloud security monitoring

    DevOps support includes certified design of secure and compliant cloud infrastructures to prevent misconfiguration,

    unauthorised access, insecure APIs, the external share of data and other security threats.

  • CI/CD services

    Drive digital transformation and enable DevOps with continuous integration and delivery.

    Embrace new CI/CD solutions and systems to make your software pipeline more efficient.

  • Cloud consulting services

    Full-fledged consulting on AWS cloud migration, development and optimization.

Benefits of DevOps Support Services

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    Instant troubleshooting

    A slow issue resolution may result in losing customers and profit. Our team not only responds to any problem that occurs but also does everything to prevent downtime and scans the product for possible updates.

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    Enhanced infrastructure performance

    With access to top-notch cloud technologies, our team can drastically improve the performance of the infrastructure and its stability. DevOps support services help businesses scale almost without limits while not compromising on quality and security.

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    High customer satisfaction

    Constant communication between teams creates an environment for fast feedback. Thus, it is possible to identify bugs in the early stages and fix them before the product is released. In the traditional bureaucratic approach to issue resolution, most bugs are found by users, negatively impacting reputation and decreasing profit.

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    Accelerated time-to-market

    DevOps lifecycle speeds up the process of development tremendously. It is achieved due to two integral parts of DevOps – continuous integration and continuous delivery which allow to deploy the code without delays and put it into a testing environment for instant feedback. Due to small and frequent releases boosted with automation, enterprises save much time.

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    Hiring DevOps engineers may seem like an additional expenditure that you can avoid. However, in reality, it leads to cloud cost optimisation, gives more time for innovation, and lifts some weight off your team’s shoulders. DevOps support experts constantly work on performance optimisation, which ultimately leads to saving loads of money.



Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez

CEO & Founder, Muniy Limited

“I have personally been in the tech space for over 25 years and the .doCode team was very solid technically and had great leadership. The team showed a lot of integrity and was very excited to help us accomplish our goals. As a result we were able to deploy a working mobile application into production taking millions of funds and thousands of transactions.“

Andres Normelli

Andres Normelli

Founder, Binger

“.doCode Studio successfully delivered a fully functional app that has been launched on iOS and Android app stores. The team lead was helpful and communicative. They provided frequent updates and warnings throughout the project. Their knowledge in the industry led to a positive collaboration.“

Ian H. Smith

Ian H. Smith

CEO, Being Guided

“.doCode was quick to adapt to the new technology platform required by the project. They were dedicated and showed excellent progress, delivering a complete solution within eight weeks. Customers can expect a professional team that would communicate and collaborate effectively.“

Andre Laboy

Andre Laboy

Co-Founder, Wecord

“The company is quite pleased with the work that the .doCode Studio team provided for them in this project and expressed the desire to work with them again on future projects. The team provided great value for the quality of the work they provided along with the cost of their services.“



Full stack development

“Extremely professional communication and organisation, great designs delivered. Wont hesitate to re-hire in the future.“



Full stack development

“Good work“

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DevOps support?

    The DevOps support model combines techniques that establish two integral parts of the DevOps lifecycle – continuous integration and delivery. DevOps production support prevents the app’s downtime, helps to concentrate on performance and cost optimisation, detect bugs and automate the majority of tasks.

  • What does DevOps support include?

    Our support DevOps services include:

    • infrastructure monitoring and management: an analysis of infrastructure performance and insights to improve it;
    • 24/7 incident management: round-the-clock alert monitoring and preventing downtime;
    • cloud cost optimisation: identifying unused or unattached resources, setting up cloud services to their most efficient operational capabilities;
    • cloud security monitoring: creating compliant infrastructures and preventing them from security breaches.
  • What is the best time to use support DevOps?

    We recommend cooperating with DevOps engineers early on in the project to let other team members focus on their tasks. DevOps service specialists are game changers because they drastically optimize the software development lifecycle. Without a separate DevOps engineer or DevOps support vendor, all the work connected with issue monitoring and updates happens in the background anyway, which takes away time that could be spent on business growth and innovation.

  • Why should I get DevOps support service?

    This software lifecycle process improves cooperation between developers and operational experts, which leads to numerous benefits for your enterprise.

    1. Increased team efficiency – faster time-to-market
    2. Constant issue resolving – better product quality
    3. Enhanced performance – improved customer experience and cost optimization

    Overall, DevOps implementation with .doCode results in gaining new customers, wise spending, and a good reputation due to high-security standards and decreased downtime.

  • Why should I hire DevOps engineers from .doCode?

    We are a client-oriented company, and our team is committed to providing high-quality services. Our work philosophy is based on continuous skill development and the pursuit of innovation. We always seek the most cost-effective approach and build trusting connections with our clients.

    We have more than five years of experience, created 16+ mobile apps and 43+ websites.

  • Do all your DevOps speak English?

    All our DevOps engineers speak English at B2-C1 levels.

  • What about security?

    We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before the cooperation. Everything regarding your activities, services, technologies, methodology, documentation, and other sensitive information stays confidential. We are obliged to compensate you for any breach of data. We will return copies of confidential information at your request at any time immediately.

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