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    Product Roadmap: Examples, Types and Key Features

    Did you know that majority of product managers’ time and effort are spent on product strategic planning? It is one of the highly crucial elements which significantly contributes to the success of the project. Additionally, strategy planning, on a broader scale, takes the form of a robust product roadmap to streamline the whole process, taking it to the beyond levels of success.

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    Benefits of Outsourcing Your Custom Software Development

    What is Custom Software Development and why it’s your best choice? Outsourcing custom software development describes an organisation procedure that implies recruitments from external outsourced software development companies to carry out the needful job inaccessible by in-house team. Let us move to the potential benefits of outsourcing software development.

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    A Top Choice of Cross-platform Framework for Mobile Applications

    As the name depicts, a cross-platform mobile framework is the one that can be used for developing mobile apps for multiple mobile platforms i. e. IOS, Android, etc. They are used for creating apps that require similar functionality on different platforms, i.e. user interface, buttons, design, functionality, etc. Cross-platform development becomes more and more popular due to the modern world requirements. Learn about a top choice of cross-platform framework for mobile applications in this in-depth detailed article.

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    Native App or Web App: Which One to Pick?

    Among various interview questions, Native App Vs. Web App remains common! The question is quite simple, nevertheless, the response is complex for end-users, beginners, & consumers because of the confusing concept. Although web app development companies and their developers are familiar with the models, learners may get the idea by reading this post.

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