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    20 Key Product Management Metrics and KPIs

    Key performance indicators (KPIs) are numerical measures of the overall success of your business. KPIs in the context of software development demonstrates how successfully your development efforts are in line with business goals. They also show how closely your development efforts adhere to your corporate objectives. Selecting the appropriate software metrics is the first step toward understanding your KPIs.

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    Software Testing Best Practices: 12 Ways to Improve Testing

    A software product such as an application or a service is built to meet the specific requirements of the target audience. However, many times a newly developed product ends up defective because of numerous reasons like timeline issues, inadequate product management, insufficient technical knowledge, understanding gap, communication gap, less skilled or trained people, lack of technical experience, and more.

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    15 Best Business Intelligence and Analytics Books of All Time

    The Interesting Facts of Business Intelligence: associations utilize 3.8 different business intelligence tools. Organizations leave 97% of accumulated information unused. 74% of representatives feel miserable or overpowered while working with data. Organizations utilizing business insight are multiple times bound to arrive at quicker choices than those that don’t.

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    How to Create a Mobile Banking App: 10 Steps of Successful

    If you follow the right steps to create the best mobile banking app, you can simply build an app on your own or with the help of a software developer if you don't want to engage a mobile development company. But why not learn how to create a bank app first? Learn about the progress that has been made in mobile banking so far.

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