7 Useful Tools for Startups. Part 3. Publicity

Advertising is an important component that can influence the success of any startup. Any beginning internet project needs media support. This fully applies to the startup, so that the target audience and potential investors can learn about it. There are plenty of platforms that can help with it. So, let's have a look at them. 

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7 Useful Tools for Startups. Publicity:


Mini Sprout is a blog that was created with the aim of helping new startups become known and get first visitors. On the blog, the most promising businesses are highlighted.

Moreover, there are plenty of reviews on the site. People can get acquainted with the features of outstanding web applications, their pros, and cons. If you want your web app to be highlighted on the blog, you have to contact the team, but make sure to do it in advance for the review to be posted in time. You will also have to provide some information about your app.


Submit.co is a special website where you can find the list of platforms and resources you can use to tell people about your startup. On the site, one can find the following information:

  • URL of a resource.
  • Twitter username.
  • The number of followers.
  • Alexa rank.
  • Categories.
  • Regions.
  • Platforms.

All in all, Submit.co is a nice way to inform potential users about what you have to offer.

Betapage and Betalist

These two resources work on a similar model. These are sites where users can post descriptions of startups. For a fee, the description of the project (be it an app or game) gets into the listing bypassing the general queue (which does not move quickly). Moreover, it can be fixed on the main page, and these services also include a link to the project in their mailing lists.


CubeCamp is an IT studio that specializes in the digital transformation of business. Specialists can join your project team as IT consultants, provide full-stack development services or even validate and audit existing projects. Moreover, with the help of this platform, one can get recommendations from successful entrepreneurs in the field of content marketing.


The Hey.Press service helps newsmakers find a journalist who is interested in their field and could write an article about a particular event. The site is very simple: you just need to enter a key combination (for example, “bitcoin” or “Elon Musk”) into the search bar, and the service will display several relevant options.

Next to the photo of each journalist in the search results, there is information about his/her publications, a small list of materials on a given topic, and contacts – an email address and links to profiles on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Unregistered users can view only the first two search results. The service is currently being beta tested. Registration and use of the resource are free – the creators of the project promise that it will remain so forever. Anyone can support the project with a small amount of money.

Press Friendly

This service is pretty similar to the previous one. With its help, you can find an experienced TechCrunch journalist who is ready to tell the world about your project. This platform was launched in 2013. This platform provides great chances for finding the right person to cooperate with.


What is the most common problem startups face? As a rule, it’s a limited budget. So, if you want to present your application to the world, the Appmit service can help with this!

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Is advertising really needed?

Advertising is a thing that can do miracles for a startup. It can help you learn more about your field. Moreover, with its help, you will get to know the business community and investors, and they, in turn, will think you constantly have something going on.

With the help of advertising, it will be easier to find you, your business will represent the whole industry. You will find funding faster than others. It will be easier for you to talk with customers and potential partners, as everyone will already know who you are and what you have to offer. Simply put, you need to make much less effort to solve a variety of issues. A startup that is unfamiliar to anyone has none of this.

Often, one proper material is enough for everything to spin ten times faster. Advertising catalyzes processes, but it will not make your product better, and the food that you, for example, produce, tastier. Here you need to be realistic.

It is important to understand that outside of your professional community of competitors and a couple of analysts, no one follows the life of startups. You need to impose yourself on society, on the media, on investors. A startup needs this much more than any large company with a thirty-year history. That is why the money for the promotion of the project must be pledged already at the beginning. Without it, there will be no rapid growth.