7 Best Tools for Startups. Part 2. Funding

Funding is the most difficult issue in the implementation of any project. In addition to traditional bank lending, there are many alternative ways to find money to develop an entrepreneurial idea. Today, we'd like to inform you of tools that can help you make this process easier. So, just keep reading.

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Today, we’d like to inform you of the best startup tools that can help you make the funding process easier.

7 Best Startup Tools. Funding:


You already have your own project, but no investors? Then AngelList is exactly what you need. It is a platform for startups looking to raise funds from trusted angel investors.

In general, it is an online platform and database for investors and entrepreneurs. AngelList is actively used by investors from different parts of the world who invest in different segments, stages of development, and with different checks. The largest venture organizations and angels are looking for deals and confirm interesting deals there.

Startups use AngelList to find employees, share experiences, and raise capital. The amount of investment through AngelList is on average $200 thousand and reaches $1 million.

The AngelList startup profile is a place to share your current fundraising needs, past entrepreneurial successes, and past investors (at least those registered on the site).


The f6s.co platform is the world’s largest portal for startups, featuring over a thousand acceleration programs and funds from all over the world! According to open data, 11,428 startups raised more than $3.3 billion on the site.

After registering on the portal, you can get access to accelerators from anywhere in the world, including corporate accelerators and funds; find out about events, deadlines for collecting applications; look at the standard profiles of the largest accelerators (YC, TechStars) and even find out about vacancies.

The platform brings together founders of startups (personal profiles), startups themselves (startup profiles), mentors, investors, accelerators, event organizers, representatives of other infrastructure for startups.


One of the best startup tools. To help beginner entrepreneurs, special platforms have been created that provide information, research, and assistance in all aspects of launching a new project, including communication with investors.

A great platform that can help you find investors is Gust.com. It has already invested $1.8 million in various startups. Before you start looking for investors, make sure that you already have a business plan for the project and you know how much investment you need to launch and implement the project and where money will be spent. Applying for funding is a daunting step for many, as you may have to face many rejections.

Venture Village

Venture Village is an online platform that provides priceless data in the sphere of startups. The platform features news articles, events, workshops, deals, jobs, and more. It is headquartered in Berlin.

Through profile pieces, interviews, and in-depth features, this platform gives readers informative insights into the European and international digital economy, along with breaking news from the digital scene across Europe. The platform’s partners include Tech City News and VentureBeat.

Idea Squares

Crowdfunding makes it possible to collect the necessary funds by attracting investors who want to get access to the project. They voluntarily pool money or other resources to support the authors of an idea of interest.

As a rule, a specific investment end date is set for a crowdfunding project. The author or founder also indicates the amount that he needs to collect during this time. The principle of crowdfunding is the transparency of all cash flows. Idea Squares platform can help to find the most suitable instruments for crowdfunding.


This is another popular international crowdfunding platform. Here you can raise money for charity, launch your own business, and implement any interesting idea. Unlike Kickstarter, for example, Indiegogo transfers to the author of the project all funds raised by a certain date, even if the amount is not sufficient. Only the size of the commission changes: if the goal of the fundraising project is achieved, the resource retains 4%. If not, 9%. The Indiegogo service covers about 200 countries around the world, so the resource can be called the most international.

One of the main differences between Indiegogo and other similar resources is that the rating of projects is not compiled manually, but an automatic calculation is used.


A good way for content creators to make money on their creations or knowledge is to utilize Patreon. It is a crowdfunding platform where content creators receive cash donations, often in the form of monthly payments.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform founded in 2013 by American musician Jack Conti. He recorded covers of famous tracks and at first tried to make money on this on YouTube, but he didn’t get a lot of money for advertising. Then he and developer Sam Yam created a platform where content users pay for content creators.

A variety of professionals make money in this way here: artists, video bloggers, musicians, cosplayers, designers, programmers, game developers, and even authors of erotic photos. People can subscribe to the author’s work, paying him a certain amount every month (from $1).

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