Why is Quality Assurance Important in Software Development?

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.” - Bermingham, Castleman & Pierce Inc. Software testing services are involved in the development process to ensure that the entire development process meets its requirements, from requirement analysis up to launching the final product and its maintenance.

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What is QA?

Software quality assurance (QA) guarantees that end-users get a quality product that meets their expectations. The objective of the process is to find any design or development defects, faults, or failures that might have been neglected when designing or developing a software application.

QA services assure excellent product delivery to customers and end users.

What is QA

Role of QA in Software Development

QA engineer plays a key role in software development. Aside from creating bug reports, writing test cases, testing applications, and other tasks, this role brings more value…​​ Let’s discuss these values:

Validation of manufactured software product

Before the final software is delivered to a customer, the last person who validates it is the QA engineer. It is a huge liability to be the person who gives the “green” light and decides the readiness of the software. By “readiness” we should understand that the product doesn’t contain bugs and is relevant to customers’ needs.

Being able to validate the product is a considerable skill of proficient QA.

Aiming for perfection

QA engineer increases the perfection of the end product and never compromises its quality. The ability to idealize and improve the development process is the true dignity of QA engineers.

Constant study

The IT industry is changing rapidly all the time and therefore QA engineers should learn new testing tools all the time. Testers who don’t improve their abilities constantly take the risk of being left behind as development practices expand and businesses search for more skilled and qualified workers.

QA engineers should keep learning in order to contribute more to the team. A culture of learning is vital to successful teams, where everyone can raise questions and experiment.

7 Reasons why is QA important in Software Development?

Once the code is deployed by the developer there is a huge probability it will have issues with design and functionality. To prevent the probability of occurring such defects in the production environment software testers are involved and the testing phase starts. By detecting defects and faults in the early stages of software development, the delivered software is high-performed and customer-satisfying.

Let’s reveal the reasons why testing is important in more detail:

It saves time and money

Undetected errors affect other functionality or hide other bugs. They also tend to add up – and so do your expenses in such cases.

In order to find the cause of the bug, trace the “chain” of its influence, and make all the necessary changes in the code, developers need much more time. Software development is a time-consuming process, and all of this could have been avoided if issues had been identified at the beginning of the process.

In the final stages of development, what could be more expensive than fixing bugs? Only bugs found by end-users and customers after development is already complete.

Guarantees User Satisfaction

The main focus of each software development company should be on the justified expectations of product end-users. The defective product can ruin the user’s experience and break the company’s reputation.

Testers ensure that the product is convenient, has no bugs, and has correctly working functionality. In return, users enjoy using a quality product.

Protects company reputation

A good company reputation increases confidence. It is an advantage to have clients who trust the business they work with. It is important for investors and suppliers to work with a company with excellent repute. Quality assurance is a crucial component of achieving great repute and trust.

The quality assurance process has a significant impact on company culture

There is a huge benefit for a business that places quality assurance as precedence and focuses on meeting quality standards. From the perspective of the customer, making quality significant can be a further unique selling point (USP). Customers, stakeholders, and suppliers are united by the quality and a culture of trust is created.

Continuous improvement of quality assurance services

It is a significant part of the quality assurance process to maintain high-quality standards. Customer requests determine many of these standards. The more engaged the customer is with a product or service, the more they will suggest ways to improve it. Taking their advice into account will allow quality-driven companies to improve and upgrade their suggestions. As a result, customers are dedicated to the company and are happy.

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Ensures security

The security of software applications is important in software development and has always been a major concern. Even if a software application fulfills all of its requirements and executes as expected, it may not be completely secure. It is possible to compromise the credibility of a software system and its user data through vulnerabilities in its security.

Quality assurance serves this purpose, among others. In addition, it assists in uncovering drawbacks in software reliance and helps create a completely safe and reliable product.

Maintain ISO Compliance

The ISO certification improves your company’s certainty. Quality certifications show the level of sophistication and proficiency.

In accordance with ISO 9001 standards, companies or organizations should meet customer requirements and standards and strive to justify customers’ expectations. Also, appropriately to this standard business should be oriented towards the improvement and process approach.


Quality assurance is focused on the accomplishment of the requirements and standards. If your company neglects quality assurance, it can lead the company to frustrated customers, delays, and misunderstandings.

Quality assurance should be implemented into software development as soon as possible. It will help you to achieve positive results and assure passion for your brand.

Testers are not performing only standard test activities, such as creating bug reports, writing test cases, and testing applications. They validate the final product, with a view to aiming for perfection in it. QA engineers always studying new tools in order to cut down the number of defects and faults in software products.

Quality is important in the software development life cycle as it prevents your business from defects occurring.