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Still hesitating, if our communication style will suit your needs? Start a free trial with us to find out it. You will not waste your time because at the end of the trial you will get an estimate and prototype done for free. The goal of digitalization is to make the company visible on the Internet, discover new sources of customer traffic, and expand opportunities.

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In the modern world, the absence of a company on the Internet leads to losses and even collapse. The introduction of new tools allows you not only to adapt to today’s realities of doing business, but also to receive additional benefits. First of all – interaction with customers, expanding the geography of influence, expanding sales tools, and positioning the company in the market.

Digitization of processes has a clear goal: to satisfy customer needs and remove objections. This is exactly what is needed in the modern financial world.

In addition to meeting customer needs, business digitalization has some other goals:

  • providing convenient interaction between the company and the client;
  • prompt solution of client’s questions, removal of objections, and stimulation to purchase;
  • automation of internal work processes, improvement of communication within the company;
  • improving the quality of service;
  • providing a wide range of tools for selling a product or service;
  • improvement of product quality, modernization of delivery services.

If you wish to go digital, a reliable helper is needed. With the help of the doCode Studio, you can cope with all the tasks set easily. We’ll tell you why.

Before cooperation: free services provided

Understandably, choosing an IT company is not an easy task. With doCode, you can be sure everything will run smoothly, as several services are provided free of charge at the very beginning for you to decide whether you want to continue cooperation or not. Those are prototyping, estimating, and solutions. Let’s have a look at them in more detail. 


Once the development team and the client have found each other, they face a daunting task: learning to speak the same language. And no matter how detailed the task is, there is always a big risk of disagreeing. A prototype is needed to see as early as possible how the future system (a website, for example) will operate.

A prototype is an example of an application or a website that will be developed. Prototyping is an essential part of development since it helps to understand what the future product will look like. Moreover, it may even help to avoid mistakes.


Project estimation is another important part of working on IT projects. It shows how much time the project team will need to complete each task and create modules and components of the future product. In fact, the estimation of IT projects makes it possible to create a map of the route by which the developers and client will come to the desired result. In the transition from point A to point B on the map, each segment of the path includes the implementation of certain tasks of the project.

The more the project team dives into the task, the more accurate the estimate will be and the easier it will be to agree. Evaluation of IT projects is a crucial stage in the development of any product. It requires a careful approach from both the development team and the clients. In this way you will achieve high accuracy of the estimation, and the result will not disappoint you.


So, you have gone through the first two stages. What will the IT team do next? You will be offered the solutions that are the best suitable for your project. The decisions at this stage are made on the basis of the estimation. The team of experienced professionals will tell you what features to implement and what is better to avoid. 

doCode has extensive experience, so you don’t need to worry about anything. The company knows for sure what will work better for you. 

Once three stages are finished

Once you are done with all three stages provided by the doCode company free of charge, it will be completely understandable for you whether you want to cooperate with the company. You will understand whether you like working with the team and will get a clear understanding of whether it is possible to implement all you want. 

Moreover, you will not have to guess how long it will take and how much you will have to spend: you will get answers to these questions at the stage of estimation. 


All in all, if you are looking for a development team, consider doCode. All the services we described are completely free, so what is your risk? Write to the doCode team and save your time and effort.